“Any real ecstasy is a sign you are moving in the right direction, don’t let any prude tell you otherwise” ~ St Teresa of Avila





After 20 years of sexuality, eroticism and embodiment study, research, facilitation, writing, public speaking and working with some of the beserotic educators on the planet and digging extensively into her own sexual landscape, embodiment and psychology, It is Cyd’s desire and honour to work with people who have a real curiosity and openness, to learn, heal or explore their bodies, their eroticism and their sexuality.

She is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker a Certified Somatic Sex Educator/Coach, a Certified Embodiment Practitioner and Journalist.

Her work is the sex education that most of us never received, it is a client-led, collaborative approach to empower, educate and support people to become more knowledgable, attuned to, and aware of, their bodies and their unique erotic landscape. 

She creates a safe and non-judgmental place to work with ALL sexual issues, concerns, interests and curiosities. A place where authenticity, honesty, pleasure, stillness and listening deeply are revered.




“With her beautiful and non confrontational, often funny, gorgeously sensual and down-to-earth practical approach, Cyd shares the beauty of her learnings and helps you discover what can happen when you know, understand, trust and love your body”

Carolyn Parrella

Anyone can benefit from a session or series of sessions. Very few (if any) of us are fully embodied (able to listen to the deep intelligence/felt sense in our bodies) or are having the type of sex and relationships we are desiring to have. Part of human nature is that we change. Our desires fluctuate and our bodily sensations change as our bodies change. We often get stuck in ruts with our own health and sexuality. We have a drive to continue to strive for improvement, but often we are scared of change and we hold on to habits and patterns that no longer serve us.

Cyd’s work will support you in learning simple practises to become more present to what you are experiencing in your body, the felt sense, beyond I feel hot/cold, sad/happy, my shoulder hurts etc the deeper pools of intuition and sensation in your body.

Awareness creates awareness and by learning to be present to yourself and your body and by learning about your anatomy and physiology  you can create new neural networks and your nervous systems can develop, which means you will have a greater capacity for connection with yourself, including your sexuality, with the people in your life and the environment you live in. As well as creating greater capacity for self agency, empathy, self-regulation in the body and attuned communication which ultimately leads to more choice and freedom in life.

The work can be talking, somatic practises, touch and table work.

Sessions can be done in person or via Zoom.

The sessions are all inclusive, open to all ages (it is never too late to get curious), genders, sexual identities, body types and relational styles.

“Be faithful to that which exists within you” ~ Andre Gide