A session with Cyd

My clients learn to choose how they feel, act, and react during intimacy and sex, allowing them to realise and express their authentic needs, desires, and boundaries.

Whether I’m speaking publicly, facilitating workshops, doing media interviews, or working therapeutically with individuals or couples, my passion and commitment carry through equally in my roles as a sex educator and therapist.

During sessions, I have access to a vast array of tools and techniques I’ve learned during certification, on countless training sessions, and by living a full and curious life.

I listen and share information and skills that will help you to co-create consent driven and intentional practices.

Practices involving breath, movement, sound, touch, and mindful awareness that will help you to bridge the divide between mind and body, and get you fully back in touch with your physical sensations and emotions.

Anyone can benefit from a session or series of sessions. he sessions are all-inclusive, open to all ages (it is never too late to get curious), genders, sexual identities, body types and relational styles. To get started you can:

Very few (if any) of us are fully embodied (able to listen to the deep intelligence/felt sense in our bodies) or are having the type of sex and relationships we truly desire to have.

“Be faithful to that which exists within you”

Andre Gide

Part of human nature is that we change. Our desires fluctuate and our bodily sensations change as our bodies change. We often get stuck in ruts with our own health and sexuality. We have the drive to continue to strive for improvement, but often we are scared of change and we hold on to habits and patterns that no longer serve us.

Let’s talk, explore and evolve your relationship with YOU.

Awareness creates awareness and by learning to be present to yourself and your body and by learning about your anatomy and physiology you can create new neural networks and your nervous systems can develop, which means you will have a greater capacity for connection with yourself, including your sexuality, with the people in your life and the environment you live in.

As well as creating greater capacity for self-agency, empathy, self-regulation in the body, and attuned communication which ultimately leads to more choice and freedom in life.


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