A session with Cyd

“Be faithful to that which exists within you”

Andre Gide

You will be encouraged you to talk about anything that comes to your mind. At first it may be difficult to figure out what to talk about and you may find yourself ‘editing out’ things that seem trivial or unimportant. You may also worry that something is too inappropriate to say. In life we often ‘edit’ what we’re really thinking because we can get ourselves into trouble with others if we say everything we think! In psychotherapy it is helpful to say whatever comes to mind. Often what you think is trivial and unimportant is the key to something very important. It takes a while to get used to this approach before you can truly believe that what you have to say will be accepted.

You won’t be told what what to talk about or be given advice. Sometimes this can be frustrating, but there are important reasons for this. Most people have not had many opportunities of talking things over with someone who does not try to make the decisions for them. You will be supported to explore and figure out what is best for you closely supported by me.

Often people try to think their way through issues, and they might expect themselves to have it all sorted out in their heads before saying it out aloud. This therapy is more about feeling and noticing instead of needing to be logical, so you will be encouraged to express things even if they don’t make sense to you yet.

The therapy may also help you to explore your general patterns of relating to people. Over time, you may notice that the way you relate to me may be similar to how you relate to other people in your life. For example, if you have difficulty trusting people, you may have difficulty trusting your therapist. Noticing these patterns can help you to understand yourself and your needs in your relationships.

Gradually and patiently, we tease out the meaning and understanding of the internal processes, patterns and external outlook to life’s events. As you can imagine, this is not a short term process. How long the work takes depends on the individual.

My background is in Somatic Sex Education and Embodiment Therapy. My psychotherapeutic work draws on the Body and the Mind to support my clients holistically.

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