I began working weekly with a renowned Jungian Analyst in 2017 and continue to do so on a regular basis. Through my own personal journey I now, more than ever, understand the importance of coming to know all aspects of oneself and having a safe space to unravel and lean into those aspects. I recognise that without good support and professional reflection I would have been inclined to move away from important aspects of my psyche or indeed maintain defensive patterns to avoid acknowledging those aspects of myself. Not having to hide from myself or from others has become the most liberating experience of my life, allowing me to move toward a far more satisfying way of “being” in the world.

Over the last 22 years I have been fortunate enough to have worked with and learnt from some of the most established erotic/sex educators on the planet. I am able to work deeply with all the nuances and complexities of modern sexual concerns and issues. Working with sex abuse survivors has made me aware of the unique ways in which humans can respond to adverse situations. Every person who has ever been through anything stressful, traumatic, abusive will have their own specific way of responding to those events in their lives and therefore each person needs deep listening in order to be able to start healing.

This path has led me to further my studies as a clinical psychoanalytical psychotherapist so that I am now able to offer the in-depth care that my own clients need to heal using the mind and the body.


Candidate in Clinical Training as a Psychoanalyst in the Conversational Model (ANZAP)

Professional Supervisor SSEAA


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