Pronouns: She, Her

Sex Coaching and Embodiment Therapy (the simultaneous study of the mind and body) is a pioneering field that is challenging the contemporary understandings of the psyche, of what it means to be human, how to show up in our human suffering and to notice and utilise what feels great in us.

It is the merging of practises from time-tested traditions such as yoga, meditation and tantra, with the cutting edge research in neuroscience, psychology and somatic learning theory.

I’ve always felt passionate about the right of all people to access and experience their own bodies and sexuality in a healthy, holistic way, to be free of religious dogma and limiting cultural beliefs, to fully experience the joy of healthy, positive sexual expression and well being – the most important relationship we can ever have.

Recently NDIS approved as a Touch Therapist, I support ALL bodies accessing a healthy and vital understanding of their sexuality. My work is all inclusive, no matter your physical ability (disability), age, body shape/size, nationality, religion, how you identify or your relational style.

“Become your own Best Lover”

Cyd Crossman

I felt particularly drawn to this work out of a strong desire to improve a distinct lack of real sex and intimacy education, to support folk to move through the cultural and religious shame that was disempowering them, sometimes without them even knowing it, and maximise our ability for deep healthy connection and pleasure, a vastly underrated and misunderstood ability of our bodies.

My clients learn to choose how they feel, act, and react during intimacy and sex, allowing them to realise and express their authentic needs, desires, and boundaries.

Celebrating your individuality is of utmost importance. Exploring and understanding the myriad of aspects of each person I work with, ranging from development and puberty, pre/post natal, menopause, trauma, relationship and sexuality to gender, mental health and disability is not only why I leap out of bed every morning – it’s my calling.

“Every Body deserves the right to feel Sexy”

Cyd Crossman

My sexology work has taken me around the globe to study and work with some of the world’s leading erotic educators, including Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Barbara Carrellas, Joseph Kramer, Betty Martin, Ellen Heed, Margot Anand, Deej Juventin, Uma Ayelet Furman, Dr. Martha Lee, and Tanya Koens.

Whether I am facilitating workshops, doing media interviews or working therapeutically with individuals or couples, my passion and commitment carry through equally in my roles as sex educator and therapist.

I listen and share information and skills that will help you to co-create consent driven and intentional practices. Practices involving breath, movement, sound, touch, and placement of awareness that will help you to bridge the divide between mind and body, and get you fully back in touch with the intelligence of your body and your sexuality.

Currently, I  live and work from Byron Bay, Australia as a Sex Coach and Embodiment Practitioner offering face to face sexual therapy and education in Mullumbimby, via phone and increasingly popular online consultation.

Whilst much of my work is now focused on individuals (and couples), of all backgrounds, genders, and sexualities; I continue to do guest speaking and participate in a variety of media commentary such as podcasts, facetime & Instagram lives plus blogging for The Big O.

Find out more about what I have to offer you.

Ultimately, our sexuality is constantly evolving and changing, and being truly connected to our bodies and being curious about our unique erotic landscape and sexual nature requires us to continually explore and understand ourselves better as human beings.

My own journey has also left me rich in experience.

Believe me, when I say, I’ve spent a lifetime exploring a myriad of experiences and wisdom to transmute – it’s a wild ride of deep self-exploration, research, and learning, at times hair-raising and other times deeply erotic… but that’s me!

I’m so looking forward to meeting and hearing all about you.


Certified Mentor for the Somatic Sex Educators Association of Australia.


  • ANZAP – (current) 1st year of Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy – training in The Conversational Model

2019 – 2020

  • NDIS Approved Somatic Sexologist/Embodiment and Touch Therapist
  • Professional Certificate In Vaginismus w Dr Martha Lee (Singapore), Institute of Somatic Sexology, Brisbane. Accredited by the AASECT (American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists)
  • Embodied Counselling, Institute of Somatic Sexology, Brisbane
  • Betty Martin – Like A Pro, Melbourne

2014 – 2018

  • Certified Somatic Sex Educator/Coach, Institute of Somatic Sexology, Brisbane
  • Ellen Heed, Scar Remediation (Brisbane) Institute of Somatic Sexology

2008 – 2013

  • Sexological Bodywork with Joseph Kramer, Institute Of Somatic Sexology, Brisbane
  • Sexual Shamanic Training with Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Brisbane/California
  • Urban Tantra Graduate, Barbara Carralas, Brisbane
  • Sky-dancing Tantra, Margot Anand, Brisbane

1990 – 1998

  • Living from Greatness with William Whitecloud (1999 – 2001)
  • Studied Qi Gong/Slow form Tai Chi for 2 years with Master Sam Li in Sydney
  • Radio Journalist at SBS Radio WorldView Program (1999)
  • Managed Zen Renaissance Healing Centre, Bondi Junction
  • Studied Food as Medicine at Zen Renaissance Healing Centre
  • Diploma of Reflexology and Oriental Massage. The Australasian College of Natural Therapies
  • Began studying yoga 1990 (Hatha, Ki/Oki Yoga)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Communications) Charles Sturt University

A few things I’ve been up to…


  • Lismore Women’s Festival, Facilitating ‘Deeper Orgasm’ for those who ID as women.


  • Mistress of Ceremonies Byron Spirit Festival
  • Moderated for the panel Sex and Relating Beyond the New Age Byron Spirit Festival
  • Participated On Panel for Sex Education, Taste of Love, Byron Bay
  • Public Presentation: My Vagina Saved My Life
  • Vaginia Conversations, as part of V-Day 1 Billion Rising  to help raise awareness and stop the violence towards woman and children.


  • Mistress Of Ceremonies 7th ISTA  Australasian Sex and Consciousness Conference, Byron Bay.

2012 – 2014

  • Deeper O Series, Facilitated embodiment class, New York
  • Celebrating Sexuality, Facilitated Deeper Orgasm sessions for Women and Men, Melbourne
  • Byron Spirit Festival, Facilitated Deeper Orgasm classes for Women. 
  • Sex and Consciousness Conference, demonstrated full body orgasm (including throat orgasm)
  • Facilitated Deeper O Classes for Women, Byron Bay,
  •  Sex and Consciousness Conference, Byron Bay, Presented The musings of an Orgasmic Woman, From Deep Sex to School Lunches
  • Magicians Way 7 day Retreat, Byron Bay

Little Green Pod: Eco sex — we’re rooting for you, Planet Earth!

The ABC’s Fiona Poole gets green between the sheets with sex therapists  Cyd Crossman and Martha Lee. Solar vibrators, vegan condoms, organic lube, and dry rooting – Adults only.