Cyd Crossman is one of a small and highly influential group of women investigating the intersection of love, sexuality, and self awareness. A respected, grounded, and authentic practitioner, Cyd’s work focuses on developing a more respectful, compassionate, and truthful relationship with our own sexuality, as an essential requirement of a more just, equitable, and enlightened human society.

Cameron Burgess, Uncompromise


Hello there, my name is Cyd Crossman.

My pronouns are She/Her.

I’m your guide to Modern Sexuality and the Sex Education you never got.

I am Radical Pleasure Activist, Sensualist, and a passionate advocate for supporting all folk to find an enriched, sane, and authentic relationship to their bodies, their inherent sexuality/sensuality and their deep pleasure. These relationships are the most important relationships  we will ever have and by leaning into our sexuality and learning to listen to our bodies, including the uncomfortable parts, we access choice and more pleasure (because there is always more), liberating ourselves from conditioning, shame and confusion.

I am a Sexuality and Embodiment Practitioner, a Certified Sexological Bodyworker, a Certified Somatic Sex Coach, a Certified Embodiment Practitioner. I have been writing, researching, facilitating, talking and working in the field of embodiment, sex education, eroticism and pleasure for 20 years.

I am continually motivated by the lack of education around sexuality and also the dire lack of pleasure in our culture. 

I have spoken and facilitated at conferences, retreats and festivals all over Australia, I have facilitated sex education embodiment classes for folk, run a range of workshops in Australia and America, I have studied with some of the world’s leading erotic educators, including Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Barbara Carrellas, Joseph Kramer, Betty Martin, Ellen Heed, Margot Anand, Deej Juventin, and Uma Ayelet Furman and I continue to run workshops disseminating much needed information and working one on one with clients.


Working with Cyd has been grounding, supportive and heart opening. Cyd has a real talent for seeing what would help me most in the moment with her approach being warm and professional. I have felt deeply supported to get more authentic with myself and my intimate relationships, accessing parts of myself that have been buried for years. Cyd’s work has been highly informative and educational around physiology, anatomy, pleasure and orgasm and has deeply supported me in my primary relationship. I would highly recommend Cyd`s work if you are looking for sensual transformation, deep healing, building confidence.


Lucinda - Northern New South Wales

It’s been a wild ride of deep exploration and research and learning, at times hair-raising and other times deeply erotic.  I am of the firm belief that being truely connected to our bodies and choosing curiosity around our unique erotic landscape and sexual nature involves all of our complexities as a human…… it is intricately linked to all that we are.

My work and commitment is to provide you with education, information and the development of skills that will support you to be more fully present through your body, so you can have freedom of choice and live a more connected, creative, vibrant, juicy, sensual, aware and pleasure-filled life.

When we work together, we start a gentle inquiry to discern exactly where you are in a completely safe space. By creating a strong container of safety and acceptance, I support you so that you can let go and move through your learning edges. Your body knows exactly what it needs to do as I facilitate you to follow your natural process. The experiences of the work can range from tender to intense. There is room for all of you and a range of aha moments and emotional releases that may happen in the work.

In all my years I have never felt as honoured by a woman - safe and seen with no expectations of who I am supposed to be. By working with Cyd I have experienced a whole new level of body awareness. I feel increasingly powerful and masculine with a sense of grace and ease.

Troy Lloyd Molineux

As neotonous animals, we have a strong affinity toward pleasure and play. Clearly this has become confused in our modern human culture. Through cultural influences repressing our sexuality we have denied our physicality and sensuality as well. Sexuality is a unique way of cultivating flow, creativity, and life in our bodies through skin, fat, muscles, fluids, brains and hormones – a renewal of pleasure.

Sexuality can be a bridge to spirituality, taking us from the personal to the transpersonal and back again.

Orgasm can function as a physiological reset button for the whole organism. However, because sexuality is such a powerful tool in these ways, we can overemphasise its importance, making it our sole connections to the physical, relational or transpersonal. In this sense it is important to integrate pleasure and sexuality throughout our lives. The integration of sexuality into our everyday lives is often the final fruition of the embodiment process, the key to full embodiment, being completely in the world and all of our relating from a place of self-agency.

We all have a body that is capable of profound aliveness/pleasure however we orientate, we feel pleasure for a really important reason, this isn’t purely by chance, it is intrinsic to our wellbeing and health.

We are all sexual beings whether we acknowledge it or not, educating ourselves and owning our own unique and powerful erotic landscape is not optional but a necessity for a balanced life.

I believe we are living in an erotically malnourished time.

It affects all of us in some way.

Being bombarded with the message to be superficially sexy, that sexuality has a certain kind of ‘look’ and if you don’t have that look then your entire sexual experience is negated.  It is an extremely narrow and exhausting sexual context and this prevailing message of how we ought to be sexually is as covert and insidious as it is loud and in our faces!!!…. It screams at us to be anything but our glorious selves.

Simply it is dangerous.

if you are done with feeling stuck, if you want to know more about your pleasure capabilities, if you’ve been doing the same ole thing for way to long at the expense of feeling really satisfied, if you want to educate yourself, whether you have a partner or not is irrelevant, this work is about Self-Agency, knowing yourself, your body, listening to your body, trusting what you hear and learning to clearly communicate what it is that you want, and what you do not want, moving through shame (which most of us live with, sometimes not even knowing it because it is so deeply instilled in our culture), come and work with me, either in person or over zoom, it’s time to reach out and book a call. Or, read more about my story here.


More about me

I am…

  •  a strong advocate for healthy Sexuality and Embodiment. This includes healthy loving, honest, authentic, responsible, respectful erotic, cheeky, naughty, dirty, kinky, queer, fabulous, edgy, powerful sexuality. I’m all for it. If it is mindful, safe, sane and consensual, then I say go for it!
  • I am an Interdisciplinary Artist with a weekly practise and Mentor
  • An avid writer and researcher with a BA in Communication/Journalism.
  •  the mother of 2  sons
  • I have a deep sense of curiosity about what it means to be Human and Present all at once and how folk navigate life with all its ups and downs
  •  an experienced MC (Mistress of Ceremonies) and public speaker
  •  a nuts and bolts kinda gal, I like to know the facts and the figures.
  •  classified as a ‘Disruptive Leader”, which sounds scary but really what it means is that I am the truth seeker in the room. I name the elephant (not always easy and does get me into trouble) and I have a strong radar for non-sense
  •  always learning when it comes to listening to my body, trusting what is there and communicating that honestly.
  •  an introvert and an extrovert at the same time!! It can get complicated.
  • a lover of Tea Ceremony, there is nothing I enjoy more than drinking high mountain Oolong tea in the sanctuary of my Tea Temple looking over the magnificent view of the countryside surrounding my home.
  •  a nature lover. I need to experience nature every day, Nature is the only truth.
  • deeply interested in Jungian Psychology, Body-Mind Psychotherapy

And a little bit more…….

Introductory Certificate in Embodied Counselling, Institute of Somatic Sexology
Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Institute of Somatic Sexology
Certified Somatic Sex Educator/Coach, Institute of Somatic Sexology
Betty Martin (Like A Pro…. In process)
Ellen Heed, Anatomy and Physiology, Scar Remediation
Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Sexual Shamanic Training
Barbara Carrallas, Mastery in Urban Tantra Graduate

Margot Anand, Skydancing Tantra
BA Communications (Journalism) Charles Sturt University
Member of Somatic Sex Educators’ Association of Australasia
Member of the Association of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers ACSB

I receive regular supervision sessions and I am fully insured as a practice.