Coaching, Education and Embodied Counselling

Most of us never received any real sex education, beyond the fear of STIs and pregnancy.

Most of us have never received any support or nurturing around what makes us feel safe, what consent is or what our boundaries are.

Most of us understand the mechanics of physical sex, we fumble and bumble along, many of us are porn educated in relation to our sexuality…. but what of our individual eroticism, intimacy, relating, loving, arousal, and pleasure?

In his book The Erotic Mind, Dr Jack Morin describes erotisism as “the interplay of sexual arousal with the challenges of living and loving” – Jack Morin.

Sessions are an integration of ancient practices such as embodiment, meditation and mindfulness, with the pioneering insights of neuroscience and somatic learning theory. Setting intentions, boundaries and working with consent are big components of this work.

My approach is somatic and practical, that means you will learn by doing. You will be invited to get out of your head and into your body to become in touch with your consent and boundaries, your physical, emotional, psychological and erotic landscape.

You may not know exactly what it is that you are after (or maybe you do!!!) Reaching out is the first step. I will work closely with you to clarify, refine and understand your specific needs. I provide a non-judgemental, inclusive space where you can talk openly about your life, sex, relationships and sexual history. All of you is welcome.

Each session is unique and informed by your personal history and desired result.

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Little Green Pod: Eco sex — we’re rooting for you, Planet Earth!

The ABC’s Fiona Poole gets green between the sheets with sex therapists  Cyd Crossman and Martha Lee. Solar vibrators, vegan condoms, organic lube, and dry rooting – Adults only.