Next Workshop: Deeper Orgasm Class

YWCA NSW Auditorium 101A Rous Road, Goonellabah

Deeper O

Honouring the deep stillness within you

Deeper O classes are designed to bring you into deeper communion with your inherent erotic nature.

Through simple and effective ‘body awareness’ techniques using specific breath, movement, sound and ultimately stillness ….. we slowly and gently down regulate our bodies from fight or flight into rest and digest allowing connection with our inner erotic landscape through our sensuality.

The classes are a moment in life were we can stop the busy and breath out, a space in time where we can honour our bodies and the incredible job that they do. By finding the stillness invariably we find the deep erotic pleasure that our bodies are designed to feel and so rarely do.

Pleasure is profoundly important for health and wellbeing, knowing yourself erotically is not a luxury it is integral to our wellness and wholeness as a human.

Through pelvic/vaginal awareness and toning, sensual stretch (designed to allow free flow of qi through the body), breast massage, erotic breath techniques and meditation, the classes will support you to drop in and surrender to your own unique sexual energy, re-connecting and enhancing your life-force, your orgasmic potential.

Participants are responsible for choosing what they participate in.

There is no partnered work.

These classes are open to all who identify as a woman and are able to be done with mild to moderate vaginal prolapse.

Wear your most super comfy soft clothes.

The classes run for 2 hours and generally finish with a chance for participants to share what they noticed.

Cyd has an incredibly refreshing and inspiring style of teaching. She is honest, real and authentic and holds a profoundly safe space where everything is welcome. With her grounded and skilful facilitation she guides you into a deeper and more real connection with your full sensual self. It was in Cyd’s classes that I learnt the incredible power of breath and how to move energy to create amazing body sensations….in fact I experienced my first energetic orgasms in Cyd’s class. This knowledge of breath was an amazing tool for the birth of my first child, I was able to stay connected to myself and ride the intensity of the sensations.

Kylie Ezart