The Conversational Model (CM) of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy is a contemporary form of psychotherapy developed by Robert Hobson and Russell Meares in the 1960s. It is an evidence-based psychotherapy with very successful outcomes for most clients in longer term therapy 1-2 years and beyond. The CM is interactive and humanistic and incorporates Linguistics, Self-Psychology, Intersubjectivity Theory, Trauma Theory, Attachment Theory, Contemporary Neuroscience and Memory Systems Theory and is always evolving.

“Working with Cyd has been grounding, supportive, and heart-opening. Cyd has a real talent for seeing what would help me most “in the moment” with her approach being warm and professional. 

I have felt deeply supported to get more authentic with myself and my intimate relationships, accessing parts of myself that have been buried for years. Cyd’s work has been highly informative and educational around physiology, anatomy, and pleasure and has deeply supported me in my primary relationship. 

I would highly recommend Cyd if you are looking for sensual transformation, deep healing and confidence building.

Lucinda – Northern New South Wales

Why is it called the Conversational Model?

Quite simply it’s because the therapy happens through a specific kind of conversation between you and your therapist. Through having a place where someone listens closely to you and reflects back to you that they have heard, you can come to develop a different understanding of yourself.



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