The Conversational Model approach to clinical psychotherapy allows my clients to organically move forward in their lives. I encourage people to bring the everyday experiences into our sessions and to talk about anything that comes to mind. Often what you may think is trivial and unimportant can be the key to a whole new unfolding.

Over time you will relax, feel safe and let your mind and emotions fluidly “choose” what they need to talk about without too much thinking about what “should be said”. The ritual and routine of our work together will activate a deeply reflective process which seems to take on a life of its own. Together we will explore dreams, fantasy life, internal thinking processes and conversations, internal reactions to everyday and past events and, importantly, past and present relationships. We will also explore your relationship to me as a therapist as this can often reflect some of the relational patterns that you may have established over your lifetime.

As an embodiment specialist I also uniquely incorporate the body into sessions by asking about your bodily responses to the things which are discussed during sessions. Gradually and patiently, we tease out the meaning and understanding of your internal processes, patterns, and external outlook on life’s events.

Each session is unique and informed by your personal history and desired result.

Cyd Crossman


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