Somatic Sexology Sessions


All sessions can be done via Zoom and in person.

In a session we are able to work with ALL sexual issues and concerns.

Sessions are open to all people, complete INCLUSIVITY!



What happens in a session?

As an informed certified Sexological Bodyworker/Somatic Sex Coach, Embodiment Practitioner, I am in a unique position to offer guidance, education and hands-on support.

Each session is unique and informed by your personal history, concerns, curiosities and what it is you want to learn more about or heal from.

A crucial part of the education with each client is the forming of consent, intentions and boundaries. These help create a safe container in which we work together.

I support my clients in co-creating consent driven intentional practices. These practices, involving breath, movement, sound, touch and placement of  awareness, bridging the divide between mind and body, to get fully back in touch with physical sensations, emotions and finding pleasure, because there is always more.

Clients learn to have a choice in how they feel, act, and react during intimacy and sex, allowing them to realise and express their authentic needs, desires and boundaries and break old habits that no longer serve them.

Somatic transformation happens over time with practice. I seldom work in single sessions.


What is Somatic Sexology?

A pioneering field, Somatic Sexology is the meeting of somatics (focusing awareness through the body), with sexology (the scientific study of human sexuality).

It is the merging of practices from time-tested traditions such as yoga, meditation and tantra, with cutting edge research in neuroscience, psychology and somatic learning theory.

Somatic sexology develops ‘embodiment’, which is deeper presence, awareness and understanding of what is going on in your body and in sex. Embodiment releases body-mind restrictions that inhibit pleasure, and allows space for greater growth, choice and play.


Why learn Somatically

Because it is effective. By teaching somatically, we not only acknowledge the fundamental importance of the mind and body connection, but utilize it in every aspect of life. Advances in neuroscience in recent years show how the mind and body are in the constant process of influencing each other, and provide evidence that supports the need for somatic practices in sexology, psychology, and other client-centred helping professions. This is ground-breaking education.

In teaching somatically, we invite the body into the learning space, tune into the ways in which the body sends and receives information, and explore the diverse and unique ways the body learns.


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"Your capacity for pleasures is a natural part of being human, you don't have to earn it, you were born with it, you are whole and complete, loving and loveable"
- Betty Martin



Ethical approach

Informed consent forms the basis of all session work. I work within the parameters of our Professional Code of Ethics, viewable at

These sessions will not fulfill your desires for sexual connection.

I work consciously from that premise and makes sure my clients understand this important principle.

While I acknowledge the human longing for connection, I recognise the value of professional boundaries.

The focus of individual sessions is on the client’s experience within their own body.

I do not act as a surrogate partner. I work clothed and touch within sessions is one-directional from me to client, I wear gloves for any genital touch.

I am committed to complementing and extending the effectiveness of services offered by psychotherapists and other healthcare professionals.

I value working in close partnership with these professionals, but will do so only at your request.

As a Sex Educator and Embodiment Practitioner I make no claim to diagnose, treat or prevent any medical or psychological condition.