My journey with Cyd has been gentle, respectful and deeply supportive of the dissolution of trauma. My menstrual cycle has regulated and I am enjoying a more playful, luscious and honouring relationship to my body coupled with an obvious increased sexual aliveness.

Georgi - Brisbane


Working with Cyd has been grounding, supportive and heart opening. Cyd has a real talent for seeing what would help me most in the moment with her approach being warm and professional. I have felt deeply supported to get more authentic with myself and my intimate relationships, accessing parts of myself that have been buried for years. Cyd’s work has been highly informative and educational around physiology, anatomy, pleasure and orgasm and has deeply supported me in my primary relationship. I would highly recommend Cyd`s work if you are looking for sensual transformation, deep healing, building confidence.


Lucinda - Northern New South Wales

Listening to a talk about sex can be confronting at best, and leave you with a severe case of inferiority at worst. Amid the noise of what’s right and wrong, good and bad, spiritual and meaningful and dark and dirty, Cyd Saunders is a breath of fresh air. She delivers provocative questions to her audiences wrapped up in warmth, humour, and deep care. Cyd oozes sensuality, she’s grounded, and the epitome of keeping it real. Make no bones about it, she knows her stuff. Anyone who’s lucky enough to be in one of Cyd’s audiences will walk away with a greater sense of what it means to be a sexual being, and, perhaps more importantly, what it means to be human.

Tricia Karp

Cyd Crossman is one of a small and highly influential group of women investigating the intersection of love, sexuality, and self awareness. A respected, grounded, and authentic practitioner, Cyd’s work focuses on developing a more respectful, compassionate, and truthful relationship with our own sexuality, as an essential requirement of a more just, equitable, and enlightened human society.

Cameron Burgess, Uncompromise

In all my years I have never felt as honoured by a woman – safe and seen with no expectations of who I am supposed to be. By working with Cyd I have experienced a whole new level of body awareness. I feel increasingly powerful and masculine with a sense of grace and ease.

Troy Lloyd Molineux

Deeply relaxing
Body awareness
Aware of breathing into cock and balls
Heart opening
Supported and held by Cyd
Edward Tyrie

With her beautiful and non confrontational, often funny, gorgeously sensual and down-to-earth practical approach, Cyd shares the beauty of her learnings and helps you discover what can happen when you know, understand, trust and love your body.

Carolyn Parrella

Cyd has an incredibly refreshing and inspiring style of teaching. She is honest, real and authentic and holds a profoundly safe space where everything is welcome. With her grounded and skilful facilitation she guides you into a deeper and more real connection with your full sensual self. It was in Cyd’s classes that I learnt the incredible power of breath and how to move energy to create amazing body sensations….in fact I experienced my first energetic orgasms in Cyd’s class. This knowledge of breath was an amazing tool for the birth of my first child, I was able to stay connected to myself and ride the intensity of the sensations.

Kylie Ezart