Sexy Sundays: Collaborating with Tanya Koens

Stay Tuned for Dates!

Cyd is collaborating with Clinical Sexologist – Tanya Koens, to bring you these workshops designed to increase your connection to yourself and others.

We shall repeat last year’s popular workshops: Sexual Communication Skills by Tanya and Breath as an Erotic Pump by Cyd.

To follow up we have expanded on both of those offerings to create Sensual Skills for Intimate Connection (Tanya) and Sensual Breath for Intelligent Bodies (Cyd).

We are very excited to be bringing you these workshops in Sydney, Byron Bay and the Gold Coast.

Later in the year Cyd and Tanya will jointly teach an introduction to Chakras workshop – a light and fun introduction to understanding and working with your chakras.

Past Workshops

Here’s a sample of just one of the many workshops I run throughout the year. Please contact me or give me a call on +61 (0)414 810 630 for more details.

Pleasure Activation Series (PAC 2020)

Weekly Classes

Every Thursday morning
9 – 10am (AEST time)

Via Zoom

Cost: $10 and up (sliding scale)

With the advent of social distancing and touch restrictions comes the perfect opportunity to learn new ways of connecting with our bodies and pleasure.

Pleasure Activation Classes are online private group classes where we learn about connecting with our body, taking the scenic route through our pleasure.  Exploring both ancient cultivation of sexual energy and modern  breath work, movement, touch, sound and placement of awareness, we will build your pleasure potential.

Practising deep attention to the body in the present moment.

Awareness creates awareness, and repeated practise will create more neural space for change in your mind/body, breaking old habits that no longer serve you.

All you need is YOU and your BODY, and a computer, you do not need previous experience or a  partner, or anybody else in order to practice and learn.

Because the classes are online we can feel community and also take the distance we need to feel comfortable being on or off the screen.

Please contact me for more details.


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